Fencing Evenings at Cambridge Fencing Club

Group fencing sessions and individual lessons are available each club night with our two lead coaches.  A typical evening structure can be seen below.

A coaching roster is used for the individual lessons, to ensure the coaches time is divided as fairly as possible.

Coaches at CFC

Tony Perity


Tony is a former Commonwealth Fencer, representing England in 2002.  He has been a coach at CFC for many years.


Gabor Hadalin


Gabor is Hungarian and started to fence aged 8, and achieved good results in epee from a young age. Gabor stopped competing in 1986, and became a young assistant coach.  After graduating from Semmelweis University, Institute of Coaching and Sport Education, he became a full-time coach.
Gabor arrived in the UK in 2008, and has since trained many young fencers who have acheived good results in national and international competitons.
Gabor has worked with numerous international fencers, and also children, wheelchair fencers and veterans. Gabor is a Level 5 Coach in all three weapons with the British Fencing Association.
Gabor is the Club Manager and Head Coach at Salle Hadalin Fencing Club

Beginners Course Coaches

Peter Lennard


Level 2 BFA Registered Coach who has been leading the Beginners Classes at the club since he qualified as a coach in 2014.

Pat Faircloth


The longest (most experienced!) member of the club, Pat has been fencing at CFC and providing invaluable assistance with the Club’s Beginners Courses for many decades.