Cambridgeshire Fencing Club

Key Information

Club due to re-open on Thursday 6th January 2022

There are currently no restrictions on fencing during the Covid pandemic, though we do provide hand sanitiser and recommend the use of masks when in the fencing hall and not fencing.  (When restrictions are in place which require monitoring of fencing members we use the following form:

If you have any queries not answered by the information on this website, please contact us through

Details about the Club

Cambridgeshire Fencing Club is a three weapons club for men and women welcoming social and competitive fencers.  We are a club who is complying with the British Fencing Association’s Covid-19 measures.  For more information on the measures we take, please see our Covid-19 Page.

We fence Thursdays nights throughout the year, from 7:00 – 10:00 pm, at the Netherhall Upper School Sports Hall, Queen Edith’s Way, Cambridge, CB1 8NN.  To register, follow the link on the Covid-19 Page.

Our lead coach is former national fencing coach, Prof Bob Bales.  The Beginners Coach is Peter Lennard.

We cater for the age group 16+ and experienced younger fencers by agreement.  For younger fencers looking to get started in fencing, please contact Cambridge Sword or Dragons.

We run the Cambridge Open Air Epee Competition which takes place on the first Sunday of July each year (see Open Air Page for full details).  This is the only Open Competition held outdoors in the UK and we have run it for over 30 years.  We also assist with the running the Cambridge Winter Tournament.


CFC takes the safety and welfare of all of our fencers very seriously.  If you have any concerns about Welfare at the club or are aware of any problems or issues for yourself or any other member, there is advice, guidance and a contact number on the Documents Page.