Fencing at Cambridgeshire Fencing Club (CFC)

Cambridgeshire Fencing Club is a three weapons club, welcoming social and competitive fencers. For younger fencers looking to get started with the sport, please contact Cambridge Sword or Cambridge Dragon clubs.

Cambridgeshire Fencing Club runs Taster Sessions and Beginners Courses for adults (ages 18 plus) with little or no experience in fencing.  We run Intermediate Classes for novices building on a beginners’ course or those coming back to fencing after a break. We can also arrange classes for families that wish to attend (e.g. teenagers joining in with their parent/guardian). Please see our Courses page for more information: Courses.

We have a varied coaching roster for both individual and private lessons and group sessions. More information can be found on our Coaching page: Coaches.

CFC takes the safety and welfare of all of our fencers very seriously. If you have any concerns about Welfare at the club or are aware of any problems or issues for yourself or any other member, there is advice, guidance and contact numbers on our Welfare Page: Welfare.