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Cambridge Open Air Competition

Cambridge Open Air circa 1970's

Cambridge Open Air at Jesus College in the 1970’s

What is it?

The Cambridge Open Air is a men’s and women’s open epee competition fought under the blue skies of Cambridge (a hall is at hand in case of rain!).  We are now past our 30th year of running the competition.

Where and when?

The 2016 Cambridge Open Air will be held on Sunday 3rd  July. As with the past few years, the venue is St Bede’s School, Birdwood Rd, Cambridge.

Grounds open at 8:15 am. In order to be helpful to people coming from further afield, we have delayed check in.  Check in now opens at 9.30 am and closes at 10.00.



Results 2016

After a beautiful summer day of outdoor fencing, the results were as follows:

Women’s Epee; Women’s Tableau

Men’s Epee; Men’s Tableau

Cambridge Open Air at St Bede's School

Cambridge Open Air at St Bede’s School, 2005

Please Note: On 13th June 2015, an FIE SEMI Commission decision was made to suspend Leon Paul Epee Blades made between 2013-2015 from FIE Competitions.  We have had confirmation from the BFA that this decision does NOT affect the Cambridge Open Air Competition and there is no current restriction on fencers with LP blades.

BFA said they would inform us if this situation changes.  The details of the decision are linked below.

FIE Information Letter, dated 13/06/2015

** BFA Announcement, dated 16/06/2015

Additionally, if any fencer participating in the competition is using Price Swordfighter fencing equipment, please read this page.

Results 2015

Women’s EpeeWomen’s Tableau

Men’s Epee; Men’s Tableau

Results 2014

Men’s epee; Men’s tableau

Women’s epee

Results – 2013

Men’s epee; Men’s tableau

Women’s epee; Women’s tableau

Results – 2012

Mens epee; Mens tableau

Womens epee, Womens tableau

Results – 2011

Open Air 2011 Men’s Rankings

Open Air 2011 Men’s Tableau

Open Air 2011 Women’s Rankings

Open Air 2011 Women’s Tableau


Images can be found on the Cambridgeshire Fencing Flickr group